Who Am I...

Me .....   Born in Brooklyn, NY. I moved to LA when I was sixteen with my Family where I lived until about ten years ago. I currently live in Arizona, with my Husband Mike, my son Brando, Mike’s two Daughter’s Cami and Lexi.  Our oldest girls, Bri and Jori both decided to move to warmer weather and currently live in Arizona.  Bri found an amazing company that centers around her true beliefs, God & Conservative news (much like her Mama) and Jori is going to ASU.   I spend as much time as possible in LA with my family and friends.  My Sister as most of you know is Emmy award winning actress Leah Remini.  She makes her Sister very proud.  If you have not read her book Troublemaker, you should.  Our sassy Sister Shannon can usually be found at our Family restaurant in LA (VIVIANS Cafe).  My Brother in Law, Angelo is an amazing singer.  My niece is truly an amazing human being. Uncle William is loved by all and Mom & Dad well, you know if you have watched the families reality show, It’s All Relative, they are just the best.  I am truly blessed with this family.

My husband, Mike who you will hear on my show is an Army Vet, Firefighter and owns his own contracting company. Three out of our 5 kids are in the military, Brando is in the Army National Guard, Jori is also in the Army National Guard and Cami has decided to go Air Guard.  We are very proud if their commitment to country.

 My life is truly centered around God, my family, travel and giving back.

Mike and I have been known to jump in the car when a disaster strikes anywhere in the US and build our team along the way. Mike being a Firefighter is good at digging people out, I am good at loving, feeding and praying with people.  Lord knows, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. Having the opportunity to help others is just in my soul.

I have absolute love of people.

My passion has always been to impact people. I have been blessed with the gift of gab. So why not start a podcast with the goal to inspire - inspire those people needing a lift.

We speak to entrepreneurs, entertainers with just a splash of politics.

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Work Life... Is It Really Work When You Love It?

In sticking with my theme of service, I have partnered with a company that helps people contribute to the health of the environment in their homes as well as the world around us.  Since 1985 our customer have saved 260 million pounds of plastic from going into our landfills, 45 millions of gas, and 1.4 billion pounds of harmful emissions. Thats huge. The company is a leading manufacturer and direct seller of more than 485 personal care and household products.  

Why did I choose to partner with them?  About four years ago I had a Sister pass from brain and lung cancer at thirty four years old. Most of the men in our family have had cancer and the women some form of cancer. I knew there had to be a common denominator. I did my research and there is a direct correlation to the use of our every day household and beauty products. You wouldn't believe what the Government deems safe

The part that I love most of all is when people tell me:
"My child's eczema, psoriasis, rosacea is gone"
"I cant believe that after only a short time my fibromyalgia symptoms have subsided"
"I am off of pain medications"
"My child and husbands migraines are gone"

The list goes on an on. I have lots of people who just want to get the poisons out of their home and off of their Children.  I am blessed beyond belief that this line allows me to help people in ways I have never imagined.
Here is one of the most recent studies: IMPACT OF CLEANING PRODUCTS ON WOMEN'S LUNGS
If you want to know more, Just shoot me an email right here on my site

"Good is Contagious" - Social Involvement

This November I am going to Guatemala to help build a school with the World Ventures Foundation & Hug it Forward.

Last Summer my Sister Leah (Remini) and I partnered and raised over 90k to donate a basketball court to the Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach, Ca.  The Nancy Lieberman Foundation & The team at Life is Good really came through with an amazing donation.  

Having the opportunity to help others is in my soul. My passion has always been to impact people. I have been blessed with the gift of gab, finding the most important person in the room to learn from and having the last name Remini. I am a true believer in that you need to be the good you want to see in the world.  Good is contagious.

John 15:12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

How YOU Can Give Back

These are just some of the great organizations that are in need. It can be simple as a money donation or helping out for just a couple hours a week, month.
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